Getting Started

Posted on 08 January 2014 is a managed DNS service that has just gone live. Whilst it does look like a regular managed DNS service, it is built with simplicity in mind. The architecture of the platform is kept simple to ensure stability, and we do try to build a simple, intuitive interface to it.

We do have some grandiose plans for our platform in the near future and will publish a road map in the next few weeks.

We've started with a simple pricing plan - $5/month for unlimited domains and you get the first 30 days free to give it a try. The free trial gives full access to all features on our platform and is not stunted in any way. Do have a look at our documentation if you need any guidance, or contact us if you're stuck in any way.

A little about us - we are Exentrique Solutions Ltd. We've built a few platforms. Our flagship product is We are dogfooding our DNS platform for a number of our other products as well, so, we do have a vested interest to keep's uptime as high as possible.