Terms of Service

Our terms of service are:

  • This service is owned & managed wholly by Exentrique Solutions Ltd.
  • Using this service means you agree to these terms.
  • This terms of service may change from time to time.

You agree to:

  • Only open one account per legal entity (basically, don't open multiple accounts if you're the same person or company).
  • Try to keep your account's email address up to date.
  • Not abuse this service.
  • Not hold us liable for any repercussions from your usage of the service, or any unexpected downtime. You use this service at your sole discretion and risk.
  • Keep your account password safely.
  • Us suspending your account if we find that you're abusing our platform. However, we will contact you when/if this happens.

We agree to:

  • Try our very best to keep the service up & running. We do rely on this service as well for all our other platforms. Rest assured that we have vested interest to keep things running as smooth as possible.
  • Backup your data securely off-site.
  • Maintain security integrity of the platform.

You can have a look at our privacy policy as well.